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RBM LUBE/LOOM SPECIAL 30, 100, 150, 220 & 320

RBM LUBE/LOOM SPECIAL series oils are Low speeds and high bearing loads compared with those in the majority of textile machines are normal in loom operation. Because of sharp jerky motion of the weaving operation, the risk of the lubricant splashing onto the fabric is considerable, particularly with Jacquard or other types of overhead motion. Oils possessing stringiness and scour ability are recommended.


  • Good oxidation stability and ageing resistance
  • Good Power Consumption
  • Excellent corrosion protection for steel and non ferrous metals
  • Oils specially treated to have good anti-rusting properties are available for use under difficult conditions.
  • Good compatibility with sealing materials

Packaging : RBM LUBE/ LOOM SPECIAL series is offered in 26, 50 & 210 Liter.

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