Best Synthetic Oil Suppliers in Sultanpur

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RBM NEAT CUTTING OIL 14, 18, 22 ,& 28

RBM NEAT CUTTING OIL 14, 18, 22 ,& 28 formulated from paraffinIC mineral oils and contains additives such as rust and oxidation inhibitors.

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RBM SUPREME 4T PLUS, SAE 20W-40 is a SUPREME quality motor cycle oil engineered to enhance the power and performance of all the new age two-wheelers; meeting API SM, JASO T 903 MA-2 requirements. It provides longer engine life, smooth clutch operation, and maximum gear & wears protection.

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RBM OIL GEAR EP90 ,EP140, 220 , 320 & 460

RBM OIL GEAR TEC EP series oils are high quality extreme pressure type gear and transmission oil suitable for use in cars, trucks, buses, construction plant and industrial applications.

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synthetic oil suppliers in Sultanpur

Synthetic Oil Suppliers in Sultanpur

Who we are ?

Established in the year 2016 RBM Oil Corporation are among the best exporters, distributors, and Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur, nearby regions, India, and worldwide.

We deal in all kinds of Industrial and Automotive lubricants and greases. For your reference, Synthetic Oil is the lubricant that is used in the lubricating sector while working on related works.

Today our company has only a niche to provide the consumers the best quantity of Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur and of other industry-oriented products. If you are interested to be a part of Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur, fill out the inquiry form or call our experts to take this discussion ahead.

If you are interested in bulk buying of Synthetic Oil through us you can visit our Indiamart portal.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the best, most competitively priced products and services to our clients worldwide and services like Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur. We are the best-Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur.
We have extensive experience of more than 5 years in engine oil distribution. We sell mineral-based oils, synthetic-based oils, bio-engine oils, and also protect your diesel engines with our latest motor oil products.
Our goal is to offer the best Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur who will offer these products at the most affordable prices. We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing excellent products with reliable service. We are committed to our customers by offering the best ingredients, the latest technology, and a responsible approach to developing products for you.

Our Products

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RBM Metal Working Fluid

Industrial Oil

We have a variety of fluids used in Metal related processes to make your work faster and smoother.
engine oil in pune
RBM Grease Products


We have a variety of grease used in both Industrial & Automotive purpose.
RBM Rubber Process Oil
RBM Rubber Process Oil


We have a variety of rubber process related oil which had proven best for Industrial purpose.

Synthetic Oil Suppliers in Sultanpur

Sultanpur is also growing as an Industrial hub and industries always needed a better supply of Synthetic Oil to maintain and increase the pace of related products and that's the only thing as per us also that Industries are one of the major factors that will help Sultanpur to get a better position in the world.

That's why we are always working to supply the best kinds of products to them to help them in their motive. Various Industry majors are connected with us and they are benefitting from the best supplies like Synthetic Fluid Plus, Synthetic Fluid Super Plus, and many other varieties of Synthetic Oil.

And during the production of these products, they use the latest technology machinery which needs the best Synthetic Oil and lubricants to work more smoothly and we had maintained the tag there too that we are the best Synthetic Oil suppliers in Sultanpur.

We also deal in the Grease related products which are used the most of the parts either they are Automotive Or Industrial. In this MP3 and moly, Grease is the major one.

Our Service States

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